Breaking Glass is an editorial series of digital photographs printed with archival inks on metal that explore the gender pay gap through the figurative glass ceiling, power, and natural beauty. 


Two price points are available for every piece to illustrate the pay gap differential; women in America are paid on average 82% of what men are paid for the same or similar work according to the Pew Research Center. 

The buying experience thus becomes a participatory act where patrons either perpetuate the status quo by choosing the more affordable price, or help to propagate a new reality by paying full market price. 

"Breaking Glass" was created for the Black Magik Woman IV exhbibition on display at Gamut Gallery in Minneapolis, May 24th - June 21st, 2018. 

Visit Gamut Gallery online to view the entire exhibit and purchase artworks.


Jade Patrick (concept, art direction & photography)

Rachel Andrzejewski (prop & set design)

Leslie Barlow (muse/model)

Tierney Houdek (costume)

Bailey Cierra (hair & make-up)

Stuart Devaan (consultation, Hot Bed Studios)

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